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Dual Members

Mr. Gustavo Abello and Mrs. Isabell Siegel
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. JoAnn Anderson
Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Sandra Arnold
Mr. Richard Ashbaugh and Ms. Julia Nelson
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Jane Baker
Mr. William Bein and Mrs. Susan Slogoff
Mr. Ken and Mrs. Carrie Brinkman
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Drenda Cass
Mr. Ian and Mrs. Sheila Chin
Mr. Thomas Chomicz and Ms. Marian Grace
Mr. John and Mrs. Terese Clancy
Ms. Meghan Eagan and Mr. Ryan Schlifka
Mr. James Eason
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Sue Elgar
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Colette Fey
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Marie Fitzpatrick
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Evelyn Forstadt
Ms. Susan Foster
Ms. Barbara Fuldner
Ms. Nancy Galib and Mr. Eric Parker
Dr. Al Gean Garner and Dr. Pamela Randall
Mr. Mark Allen Garzon
Mr. Eric Gatmaitan
Mr. Joel Stein and Mrs. Michele Grimaldi Stein
Ms. Susan Goldschmidt and Mr. Miles Taub
Ms. Julie Halpern
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Susan Hammerman
Mr. Joe Hartness
Mr. Craig Hawley and Ms. Lan Ton
Ms. Beatrice Hernandez
Mr. Jos and Mrs. Laurie Jacobs
Mr. John Jendras and Ms. Judith Paice
Ms. Marianne Johnson
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Marcy Kapshandy
Mr. Donald Kehne and Ms. Pamela Monaco
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Bronwyn Kelly
Mr. Haig Klujian
Mr. David Koptik and Ms. Mari Beth Lefere
Ms. Kozak and Mr. John Purdy
Ms. Karen LaFond
Mr. John and Mrs. Wendy Leary
Mr. Landon Lichtenstein
Mrs. Cara Lichtenstein
Ms. Victoria Maldonado
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jan Mathes
Mr. Edward Tracy and Mrs. Denise McGowan-Tracy
Dr. Craig and Mrs. Judi Miller
Ms. Susan Miller
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lois Moeller
Mr. James and Mrs. Denise Morgan
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Linda Morning
Mr. Stephen Murphy and Ms. Elizabeth Davis
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Dee Netzel
Mr. Jeff Owczarek
Mr. Stephen Pearlman
Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Cynthia Peplinski
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Beth Petti
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jenna Pim
Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Angela Platt
Mr. Raphael Rivera and Ms. Amy Cole
Ms. Anne Remien
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Rosemary Ryan
Mr. James and Mrs. Noreen Ryan
Ms. Jacqueline Schaffer
Mr. Mark Smith and Ms. Kathy Shepard
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Pat Staab
Mr. Joel Stein and Mrs. Michele Grimaldi Stein
Mr. David Stern and Ms. Susan Miller
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Ruth Timins
Mr. Mark Towns
Mr. David Barrows and Ms. Pam Treece
Ms. Denys Walk
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Sarah Walker
Mr. Ronald Weslow
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Genelle Williams
Ms. Laura Celia Woldt

Donor Members

Mr. Keith and Mrs. Barbara Clayton
Ms. Winifred Eggers
Mr. Gerald Fitzgerald
Ms. Sharon Olson
Ms. Julie Overbeck
Ms. Abbie Roth
Ms. Sandy Roth
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Nancy Schultz
Mr. Wesley Skogan and Ms. Barbara Puechler
Ms. Kathleen Skolnik
Mr. John P. Walcher
Ms. Denys Walk
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Jill Weller

Patron Members

Mr. Jason Dantico
Mr. Craig Ingram
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Cynthia Weglarz

Nickerson Circle Members

Mr. Elias Boufis and Ms. Nicole Liadis
Mr. S. Scott Hensley
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Paula McMenamin
Mr. Kirby Talley and Ms. Jane Slate Siena

Driehaus Society Members

Mr. William and Mrs. Irene Beck
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Inese Driehaus

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September 13, 2016
‘Giant Gems of the Smithsonian’ Now Open in Dallas

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August 13, 2016
The National Historic Preservation Act Commemorates 50 Years

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