Project participants

“The restoration of the Nickerson Mansion and its transformation into the Driehaus Museum has been life changing. This feat could not have been accomplished without the help of many uniquely gifted artisans and tradesmen, each with a passion for excellence and dedication to restoring the Nickerson to the highest possible standards. Their work, masterminded by the Director of the Nickerson Restoration, my good friend Dr. M. Kirby Talley, has exceeded my greatest expectations. It strikingly demonstrates William Blake’s insightful quote that “Execution is the chariot of genius.” I cannot find words to fully describe this building’s rich metamorphosis over the past five years. How does one respond to a painting by Turner, a sculpture by Bernini or the works of the visionary Michelangelo?”
Richard H. Driehaus, Founder & Patron, Richard H. Driehaus Museum

“If I had to sum up the restoration in two words I would say breathtakingly meticulous. Equal attention was paid to the large and small issues from laser cleaning to what type of screw head should be used. I will never forget the pleasure and satisfaction I had working with such consummate professionals whose only thought, every day, was to do the very best and then some.”
Dr. M. Kirby Talley, Jr., Founding Executive Director Emeritus & Director of the Nickerson Restoration, Richard H. Driehaus Museum

“The project represents a successful collaboration between Antunovich Associates, Richard H. Driehaus, and M. Kirby Talley, Jr., the Director of the Nickerson Restoration, to execute the demanding programmatic needs for environmentally controlled museum galleries while respecting the Landmark building’s character-defining features and finishes.”
Joseph M. Antunovich, AIA, President Antunovich Associates, Inc. Restoration Architects

Principal companies involved in the conservation and restoration of the Nickerson House:

Antunovich Associates
Chicago, Illinois
Joe Antunovich, AIA, President
Jeff Zelisko,
Principal; Bill McMillan
General contractor
The Meyne Company, a Division of Bulley & Andrews LLC
Chicago, Illinois
Allan E. Bulley III, President,
Bulley & Andrews, LLC
Rick Juneau, Vice President,
Residential and Restoration;
Project Manager,
Nickerson Restoration

The following companies are listed in alphabetical order:

Museum and exterior lighting
Gordon Anson, Lighting and Design Consultant

Rockville, Maryland
Gordon Anson, Principal; and
Deputy Chief of Design, National
Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Architectural lighting restoration
Archistoric Workshop LLC
Chicago, Illinois
Doug Seaman, President;
Edward Snow, Restoration Specialist

Stained and luminescent glass conservation and restoration
Botti Studio of Architectural Arts, Inc.
Evanston, Illinois
Ettore Christopher Botti, President

Marble restoration and installation
Bourbon Tile and Marble
Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Nancy Bourbon, President

Masonry restoration
Bulley and Andrews Masonry Restoration
Chicago, Illinois
Chris Lee, President

Stone façade cleaning
Conservation of Sculpture & Objects Studio, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois
Andrzej Dajnowski, Director;
Nathan Jonjevic, Architectural Conservator and Project Manager

Furniture conservation
Fine Wood Conservation, Ltd.
New York, New York
Cor van Horne and Olaf Unsoeld, Furniture Conservators

Wood flooring restoration
Heritage Floors
Deerfield, Illinois
Scott Norris, Owner

Mechanical subcontractor and design engineer
Hill Mechanical Corp.
Franklin Park, Illinois
Jim Kamilis, Vice President, Engineering

Plumbing subcontractor and design engineer
Hill Plumbing

Franklin Park, Illinois
Scott Dierking, Vice President

Electrical subcontractor and design engineer
Jamerson and Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Northbrook, Illinois
Ken Bauwens, President;
Jim Kilburg, Project Manager

Decorative painting
John Kny Painting and Decorating, Inc.
Buffalo Grove, Illinois
John Kny, President

Furniture conservation
Marijn Manuels Conservation of Furniture and Wooden Objects
New York, New York
Marijn Manuels, Principal;
and Furniture Conservator,
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Gimp for furniture and wall upholstery, cords, tassels
Theodore Merwitz Textiles, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois
Jeff Burris and Scott Duff, Owners

Transport and installation of statuary
Methods and Materials
Chicago, Illinois
Carmella Saraceno,
President and Founder;
Roger Machin,
Director, Field Operations

Millwork and millwork restoration
Parenti and Raffaelli, Ltd. Architectural Woodwork and Interiors
Mount Prospect, Illinois
Jim Parenti, Owner

Paintings and Lincrusta conservation; decorative metal cleaning and finishing
Parma Conservation Ltd.
Chicago, Illinois
Elizabeth Kendall and Peter Schoenmann, Directors and Conservators

Conservation of marble and alabaster walls and objects; cleaning of exterior limestone
Scarab Group, Inc.
Kansas City, Missouri
Nathan Jonjevic, Architectural and Statuary Conservator

Architectural lighting restoration
St. Louis Antique Lighting Company
St. Louis, Missouri
Gary Behm, President

Museum installation design
Stephen Saitas Designs
New York, New York
Stephen Saitas, Principal

Wall and furniture fabrics & upholstery; curtains, rods and roller blinds
Zirlin Interiors, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois
Paul Zirlin, Owner