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July 20, 2016

Chicago Tribune's Rick Kogan Reviews With a Wink and Nod: Cartoonists of the Gilded Age

Chicago Tribune legend Rick Kogan visited the Driehaus Museum’s special exhibition, With a Wink and Nod: Cartoonists of the Gilded Age.  Here’s an excerpt from his review:

Laughter drifted down from the second floor of the Driehaus Museum so forcefully and exuberantly that one might have imagined a party taking place upstairs. Upon investigation, one did find a party of sorts, a party of two: Nathan McMartin and Randy Latham from Wisconsin, staring at an ancient cartoon — and laughing. And, when interrupted, talking.

“Amazingly funny, these old drawings,” said Latham.

“The art work is stunning,” said McMartin.

Read the full review by clicking here.

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