History of the Nickerson Mansion: 1883

Chicago Daily Tribune, July 8, 1883, page 17

Art And Artists
The Fine-Art Collection of Mr. Samuel M. Nickerson

The art gallery of Mr. Samuel M. Nickerson, President of the First National Bank, is one of the handsomest, best appointed, and best lighted in the West, and though of considerable size, will soon have to be supplemented by additional accommodation if Mr. Nickerson continues to add to his art treasures. Landscape-painters are represented by F. C. Church, B. C. Koekkoek, N. Diaz, Bierstadt, G. N. Nicholson, L. R. Mignot, Hendrik Schaefels, Thomas Cole, E. Vedder, H. Lewis, Gustave Doré, Ceramano, F. H. De Hans, Jervis McEntee, A. H. Wyant, George Innes, Klombeck Verbeekhoven, Corot, F. Lamoriniere, P. T. Clays, David Johnson, and others; and figure painters by Leon y Escosura, Bouguereau, W. Verschour, Adolf Schreyer, C. Hubner, E. Lewtze, David Neal, A. Spring, H. Merle, Carl Mueke, etc. There are besides some superb statuary, and a number of engravings and other interesting works of art.

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