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The nouveaux riches of the Gilded Age demanded increasingly elaborate residences, reflective of their newfound status. Companies engaged in the manufacture of decorative art furniture adapted their services to satisfy this market. The creation of the Nickerson residence was thus a collaborative process between the architects, Burling & Whitehouse, and a number of highly skilled decorators, William August Fiedler (1843–1903), and the firms George A. Schastey & Co. and R. W. Bates & Co. In design of the “house beautiful” decorators employed a panoply of styles, including Egyptian, Pompeian, Chinese, Japanese, Moorish, and Renaissance Revival to name but a few. The eclectic ornamentation found throughout the Nickerson House, derived from natural forms and historic sources, is representative of prevailing tastes in late 19th-century American design.

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